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Customer Promotion Design

I designed a number of customer promotions in my time at ABRA including newspaper, magazine, and local publication ads. Additionally, I developed in-store promotions and collateral. I managed telephone on-hold messaging for locations throughout the country, in-store digital monitor content and much much more. The examples above are some of the pieces that went beyond advertising, requiring close collaboration with both collision repair and auto glass operations to develop.

Repair Share Card and Counter Sign

This program had both business partner and customer promotion design applications. Broadly, the program keeps customers informed of the status of their vehicle’s repair via SMS text message and email. I worked with closely with operations to develop the content of the piece, then bring the execution together in both a piece of collateral and counter sign to help ABRA customer service reps educate customers on the service.

Auto Glass Signage and Hang Tags

These pieces were developed to educate customers on the need to let their new windshield’s adhesives cure for at least an hour before driving with the vehicle. Signs were used at the body shop locations. However, the vast majority of auto glass repairs are done at the customer’s home or place of work. The hangtags were used after every windshield replacement ABRA performed, which is thousands of repairs completed throughout the country.

Additionally, multiple versions of each piece were developed for the co-branded glass companies ABRA acquired throughout the county, retaining brand consistency for customers and information consistency throughout ABRA operations.