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Business Partner Promotion Design

In my time with ABRA, the vast majority of the pieces I executed were geared toward both insurance agents and dealerships. Business partner promotion design is integral to the success of an auto body company, as most repairs are referred by either an agent or dealer. Pieces for business partners ranged from national campaigns to individual, local events.

Commercial Auto Glass Card

This piece was developed to promote ABRA’s auto glass business to dealerships. Often they will outsource repairs both for customers and any minor damage that might occur on the lot. It outlines exactly why ABRA is the correct partner for them to choose, in addition to calling them to use the special dealership phone number, allowing repair source tracking.

Free Rental Card

The free rental promotion is especially enticing to agents whose customers do not have rental insurance. This limited time offer made a huge jump for business in markets that were in a slump. ABRA covered the costs of their customers’ rental vehicles, making the repair process easier for them while making the agent look great to the customer.

Partnership Card

ABRA forms partnerships with insurance companies by adhering to strict quality standards for their customers. Insurance companies, in turn, send more business with streamlined approval processes to ABRA. When a new partnership is formed, this card was delivered to agents of that company in the area to inform them of the more efficient experience they would receive when referring customers to ABRA.

Recycled Ride Event Invite

A local charity event which provided a restored vehicle to a family in need. Business partners that were invited to participate in the presentation ceremony via email.