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Poster and Website Design – Walk For Me

Walk For Me is a short film by Elegance Bratton, an award-winning photographer, filmmaker, public thinker, and author. A project developed at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for submission to film festivals around the world, Walk For Me is a contemporary coming-out story set in present day New York City.


The Walk For Me poster is based off one of the most visually striking shots in the film, when Hanna, dancing at one of New York’s Gay Balls, spins and catches a glimpse of her mother. It is meant to be simultaneously idyllic and imperfect. The wordmark is a simple script which is both elegant and flawed. The poster captures, and bridges the gap, in that transition.


The website, which can be seen at, is meant as an information source for film festival submission committees, introducing the film, crew, and cast. A simple, responsive design which can quickly be reviewed is key for these committees, as they will have hundreds of submissions to review.